Cosmic Wheel Creamery is Farm Table’s Featured Farmer Award Winner for April of 2017. Join us at Farm Table on Thursday, March 30th, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. to meet Rama Hoffpauir and talk CHEESE!

Wisconsin is the Cheese State, given all that grass, and Amery is extremely lucky to have a talented, determined and knowledgeable cheese-maker living just four miles from downtown. One hundred percent grass-milk cheese.

You know, sometimes being the Cheese State means it is very difficult to get into business because, guess what?, being the Cheese State means Big Cheese Corporations don’t want the small artisan cheese-makers to disrupt their business model.

That’s why I say Amery is lucky that Rama Hoffpauir persisted and worked and overcame, after many years, the various hurdles put in front of artisanal cheese producers like herself.

And, happily, the result is extraordinary cheese cultures. From quark, to curds, to hard cheese — Cosmic Wheel has a great repertoire to satisfy every appetite and overcome all resistance.

We hope you will come on Thursday, March 30th to meet Rama and learn more about how she does it, what it takes and where she wants to go next.