Farm Table is thrilled to inaugurate its Farm of the Month award by hosting an event honoring Blackbrook Farm on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017, at Farm Table. Blackbrook Farm, owned by James Dodge and Ayla Graden, is located 4 miles south of Amery on 35th Avenue. It’s a large farm, comprising 142 acres, including 72 tillable.

James and Ayla raise a variety of crops at Blackbrook Farm, including enough vegetables to stuff 250 CSA boxes every week from mid-June to mid-October. They grow wholesale vegetables, pigs, chickens, and extra everything on the vegetable side so they can attend Farmer’s Markets in the Twin Cities.

They are knowledgeable growers who value soil health, nutrient density and quality feed for their animals. They are 100% USDA certified organic. Most of all, they are up and coming producers dedicated to their craft, smart, thrifty and resourceful, raising two beautiful children — and represent the future of American farming.

Farm Table is thrilled to have them part of its supply chain and a strong member of this local food community.